Lisa  Betts-LaCroix

Lisa Betts-LaCroix

Lisa Betts-LaCroix is an outspoken advocate for radical educational reform. She is passionate about creating alternative learning communities and nurturing the meta-learning skills that will support self-directed learners in the uncharted waters of the future world. As an actor she’s been featured in hundreds of television episodes, films, movies-of-the-week and news pieces and she also holds a World Title in Pro-Am American Rhythm ballroom dance.
Lisa is the co-founder of the 1000+ member group of independent learners and connects edu-disruptors, investors, and startup entrepreneurs through her Free Learning Dinner Salons.
Lisa speaks on Meta-Learning and the Future of Education and, as a consultant and advisor, supports parents, students and learners of all ages to reclaim the vision, power, design, and control of their education. She believes that embracing agency over one’s learning path is a privilege and a right.