Constance  Terrell

Constance Terrell

Constance Terrell owner and designer of the BEAT-IT COLLECTION has been creating cutting edge art since 1999. Terrell also paints and sculptures textiles. The COLLECTION evolved when her sister announced she had breast cancer. For some reason her sister wanted to keep her breast cancer a secret. Finally, she let it out. Sharing it with family. We are so glad her sister found it in her heart to share with everyone.
"THE UPSIDE OF CANCER-You can beat" Terrell knows the Beat-It Collect brings a different mindset to people who fight cancer as well as to those who help friends or love ones fight and win. The Terrell family Thanks GOD for the experience with our sister who beat breast cancer. Had this revelation not come about, the BEAT-IT COLLECTION would not exist. This changed their lives and many lives forever. "GOT CANCER DON'T WIG OUT."