Colleen  Chanel

Colleen Chanel

Colleen Chanel is an International Award Winning Continental SongStylist, World Class Entertainer, Transformational Concept Song Writer, Recording Artist, Actress, Global Keynote Performer/Speaker MBA, CoCreative LifeStylization Coach, Inspirational Author, Certified Esoteric Healing Facilitator, Certified Angel Reader, Certified Love Master and Illuminating Divine Singing Oracle. She has graced the International Stage as well as the Global Entertainment Business for over 25 years. Currently, Colleen Chanel is recording her 9th CD with original continental songs in French, Italian and Spanish. She was introduced globally as the "Illuminating Divine Singing Oracle"with new mystical gifts, personal musical channeled readings and much more on the Intuitive Living Global Summit hosted by Anne Deidre June 29th, 2016. Her debut as a published author will be featured in Book V in the Best Selling Series "The Inner Circle Chronicles" Winter 2017.