Norman  Woods

Norman Woods

Norman A. Woods is also known as Jazz poet NSide, the healer. He felt that the name represented his appreciation for being able to express his internal struggles and various stages of his triumphs. Never feeling as though there was no place for him in the commercial marketplace, he chose to stop writing and performing for a few years. This time away, provided him time for introspective insight.
He refers to his style as Soul dialog. Covering a variety of subjects, soul dialog is what takes place when you are engaged in meaningful conversation. These are the type of conversations, where each individual can feel as though they can contribute and participate. Transformative empowerment occurs when they walk away with their own enriched thoughts and a stronger sense of being, a sense of purpose and direction. Anyone can speak using catchy phrases and display colorful intellectualism. But it takes compassion and humility to touch and move a soul.