Dlorah  Wismar

Dlorah Wismar

Dlorah Wismar is an amazing educator in her 6th year of teaching. Previously, she worked for 20 years at a global business consulting company where she enjoyed the work, but was struggling to feel fulfilled in the midst of never-ending conference calls and meetings. She yearned for a career where she could make a real, positive impact. Dlorah is also mom to a college sophomore, and after being inspired by her son's then 7th grade history teacher who was a lawyer and made a career change later in life, she knew what her calling was... to teach! Dlorah now teaches middle school math and loves every minute of making a difference in kids' lives! She also has years of experience as a parent involved in education, as she served as the PTA President at both her son's elementary and middle schools. And she continues to love volunteering to help her students and school however she can.