6/28/2018 when-helplessness-takes-you-hostage

When Helplessness Takes You Hostage

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Do you ever feel like giving up because the outcome is fated anyway? Does someone you love seem to be stuck and given over to putting up with their circumstances – have they stopped looking for relief or change from their situation? We call this “learned helplessness”. Listen Now

6/14/2018 when-its-really-not-about-the-food

When It's Really NOT About the Food!

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Our love-hate relationship with food and health confronts us at every turn. Magazines, social media, blogs, the fashion world, movies and television – everywhere we look, we are reminded that we could do more to look better, trim up, and be healthier. Listen Now

3/8/2018 the-hidden-root-of-shame

The Hidden Root of Shame

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Is it possible that one feeling could be a common thread in most of our psychological problems? Listen Now

12/14/2017 post-traumatic-stress-and-solutions

Post Traumatic Stress and Solutions!

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Have you ever experienced a life-threatening event or witnessed an abuse? Your response in these moments is called your Fight or Flight response. Listen Now

10/5/2017 building-your-relationship-toolbox

Building Your Relationship Toolbox

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Relationships are the building blocks of life. In fact, the research tells us that people in healthy relationships are more successful, make and save more money, and live healthier, more fulfilled lifestyles. Listen Now

4/20/2017 you-must-feel-it-to-heal-it

You Must Feel It to Heal It

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
How do you deal with your emotions? Do you express them or do you tend to stuff them or bottle them up? Listen Now

3/23/2017 mindfulness-20

Mindfulness 2.0

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Reduced stress, unlocked creativity, increased innovation, peak performance, emotional health. These are just a few of the benefits of mindfulness. Listen Now

12/29/2016 is-your-emotional-regulator-stuck

Is Your Emotional Regulator Stuck?

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
"Have you ever come across that one person who is too happy, too angry, too sad, or too enthusiastic at all the wrong moments? Or shows little to no emotion at all? Listen Now