James M. a grateful recovering Alcoholic & Drug addict. I also suffer from multiple mental health problems combined with PTSD as well. Born in Chester Pa and raised in the streets of Phila. as a teenage runaway, jails & institutions were much more comfortable than my home life. Alcohol & Drugs always plaid a huge roll in my life and by age 17 I would be pronounced dead on arrival from a Heroin overdose...Finally over a decade and a half my bottoms had bottoms and there almost seemed like no hope or a way out for the lifestyle I wore as a badge of honor! I finally admitted complete defeat last June 29th 2015 when FHF helped me to get into treatment in Florida. I can't stress enough of what this program has done for me, the people in my life that didn't give up on me and not to mention Frankie & Lesha for allowing me to be a part of something so moving & so powerful that helped to save my life, I get to give back and show my gratitude through the foundation myself!