Asia  Morgenthaler

Asia Morgenthaler

Asia Morgenthaler holds a MA in Women’s Spirituality and a Creative Expression certificate from Sofia University (former Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), and a MS in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. She was a user interface programmer for Nokia back in the day. She was creative, an “artist wannabe”, most of her adult life, but didn’t take the leap until she was introduced to acrylic painting in her Art as a Sacred Practice class at Sofia. She is an artist, an Intentional Creativity facilitator, mother to her 2 teenage daughters, and a yogi. Her paintings explore the relationship between: art and spirituality; the Feminine and nature; creativity and intention. Painting is her way of accessing and communicating with her inner child and the Divine Feminine; it is her sacred practice. Her research interests focus on women creativity and re-mothering as a healing spiritual practice.