Kat  Vorotova

Kat Vorotova

Kat Vorotova is Co-Founder / Co-CEO of Try The World, the fastest growing online retailer of specialty food. By partnering with Michelin star chefs and companies such as Conde Nast, Try The World delivers curated packages of ingredients, snacks, and beverages from around the world to loyal subscribers across the US. Prior to launching, Kat traveled to over 25 countries as a global strategy consultant at Thomson Reuters and Weight Watchers, and ran a dining club and food blog for adventurous eaters. Kat and co-founder David Foult met at Columbia Business School, and instantly connected over their passion for food and travel. After completing an incubator at Google in 2013, their first product, the Valentine's Day Paris Box, went viral and sold out in 2 days. Since then, the company raised over $4.5m in venture funding. Since 2014, Try The World has imported and sold over 5 million products from dozens of countries, and is opening a pop-up store in the World Trade Center in New York.