Beke  Lubeach

Beke Lubeach

Beke Lubeach left a 20 year career in professional sports to start her marketing and sales strategy consulting business in the pet industry. Beke started by launching the first television channel for canine viewers, DOGTV, now found on DIRECTV and in 13 countries around the world. After a successful launch of that business and several others in the pet industry, Beke launched a consulting firm with two other partners, Pet Business Solutions (PBS). PBS is the go to marketing and consulting agency in the pet industry. Working with innovative clients, PBS has established itself as a leading agency for small to midsized pet businesses. Now Beke is launching her own pet-industry business, Dog E-Discounts. Dog E-Discounts is a membership based on-line provider of discounts on everything you need to make your dog happy and healthy! Beke launched DOGTV and now Dog E-Discounts with her 10 year old rescue dog, Jake.