Tina  Weeks

Tina Weeks

Tina is the founder of Serenity Financial Planning, a unique financial planning company breaking the mold of what a financial planning company should do!
Tina has been a fully qualified financial adviser for over 20 years & could see that the financial services industry in the UK was more interested in peoples' money rather than how they could be encouraged & shown to manage their money effectively to support the life they want to live. This is why she set up her own business, working closely with her clients not just their money.
Tina specializes in Life Planning, a technique that encourages & inspires clients to create the best life they can, forming the basis of a well structured & efficient Financial Plan. She then coaches them over the long term to ensure they have support they need to keep their financial life plan on track.
Tina lives in London with husband Darren & their two children.