Jimmie  Mesis

Jimmie Mesis

Following his service as a US Marine Corps military translator, Jimmie Mesis learned his skills on the streets of New York City as a private investigator over 30 years ago. Featured on the History Channel TV show, Operation Reunion, he located & reunited soldiers who served together in Korea and Vietnam; he has also been a guest on the FX TV, P.I. and CNN’s Larry King Live. Jimmie and his wife Rosemarie own and publish PI Magazine, a trade magazine for private investigators and also own both PI bookstore.com, and PI Gear.com. A recipient of numerous awards, Jimmie is past president of the New Jersey Private Investigator Association, is a member of the National Council of Investigative and Security Services and is an Honorary Member of both the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators and London, England’s World Association of Professional Investigators.