Kevin D.  Murray

Kevin D. Murray

Kevin D. Murray is an independent, professional security consultant who specializes in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. He has been solving electronic eavesdropping, security, & counterespionage matters since 1973 while with Pinkerton’s Inc., and from 1978 to present at his consulting firm, Murray Associates. He has provided technical assistance to George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, James Cameron, HBO, the Discovery Times Channel, major news channels, and others. Kevin is certified as an Information Security Manager, a Protection Professional, Fraud Examiner, and in Mobile Seizure. Also, he is a licensed Private Investigator in New Jersey, an amateur radio operator and a FAA certified Hot Air Balloon pilot and instructor. Services provided by Kevin and Murray Associates include advanced eavesdropping detection, also known as technical surveillance countermeasures & full counterespionage strategy development services for business, government, and at-risk individuals.