Lisa  Nobles

Lisa Nobles

Lisa L. Nobles is a two-time International Best Selling Co-Author, and Amazon Best Selling Co-Author. Her literary achievements are noted in three different Anthologies, Women Warriors Who Make it Rock, and Discover your Destiny, Live your Dreams Love your life. Lisa is also a philanthropist, visionary, innovator, C.E.O./founder & motivational speaker. Currently attending Ashford University to complete her Bachelors of Arts degree in Behavioral Science.
Lisa continues to embrace an enthusiasm for stimulating and educating individuals on purpose, and passion. Lisa has held several former committee positions with a variety of non-profits, based in Abilene, Texas: Meals on Wheels board and the executive board of directors, CPS, NAACP, and I-Can.
DARE (Distinctive Attributes Require Excellence) 2 Dream, DARE 2 be Exceptional, was designed to encourage and train others on ambition, passion, and purpose.