Dr Lawrence  Riftkin

Dr Lawrence Riftkin

Doctors come to Dr. Rifkin for continuing education. Dr. Laurence Rifkin is a pioneering aesthetic and scientific authority among dental professionals as well as the medical community as a whole. His decades-long tradition of leadership in the fields of facial aesthetics, dental artistry and advanced dental technology continues today. As well as addressing the cosmetic surgery community at large before the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, other dentists flock to his Lecture Series in Suite 1200 on the harmony between dento-facial aesthetics and seamless function. That giddy, exuberant, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling. That’s what Dr. Rifkin’s patients experience when they look in the mirror at their brand new smiles. For over three decades, Dr. Rifkin has been creating living works of art – custom smiles that not only fit the unique faces and personalities of the wearers, but also accentuate, beautify and vivify them.