Ms. Alina  Estrada

Ms. Alina Estrada

Alina Estrada is Co-Founder of Heal-Thyself Alternative Healthcare is a Certified Natural Health Professional ( C.N.H.P.) & Detoxification Health Coach specializing in alternative health care techniques such as, bio-feedback health analysis, colon hydrotherapy, foot detox, weight loss and ear coning just to name a few. While independently working and studying alternative medicine for over fifteen years. Offering herbal solutions to those with health challenges and educating them on how the body is capable of healing itself by using God’s food and love for medicine. Moreover; after attending many seminars and health expos, she soon became displeased with the deficiency of health education that the neighboring communities were receiving… so an idea emerged, her passion for health, and love for others assembled, her venture to reach out to the masses became the mission statement of her endeavors, namely; “Educating Families & Bridging the Gap to their Success”.