April  Peebler, Executive Director, Heirs To Our Oceans

April Peebler, Executive Director, Heirs To Our Oceans

April has been an activist for most of her adult life. When her younger daughter Dakota was in preschool & her older daughter Charley was in kindergarten, April left her profession and decided to homeschool them so that they could study eco- & socio-justice issues as an integral part of their curriculum. Six years ago April developed a learning model that utilized interdisciplinary studies where all subject matters; writing, math, science, public speaking, etc. supported an eco- or socio-justice theme and taught through project-based, hands-on, and "in-the-field” learning utilizing specialist for various disciplines and experiences. After seeing her daughters’ passions for the health of the natural environment, like her own, & their reverence for the oceans & the life in it, the Peebler family decided to embark on a journey that would take them well beyond a school year. They decided to apply the learning model toward being activists in improving the health of the oceans.