Abi Subramanian 10 years old, an Heir

Abirami age 10 has always had a fondness for animals and being in nature. Abi’s interest in the ocean was fostered as a toddler as she & her brother frequently visited the Monterey Bay aquarium. She learnt during the multiple beach visits and as she sat next to him as he studied the rays and sharks. Over the years this love has been nourished by year long nature awareness courses (Wild Child Freeschool and now Riekes) & a birding course at the Hayward Recreation center at the age of 7 among others. This has led to hours of birding with her brother whether in the bay area or during trips to Florida, Hawaii or India. Over the past year Abi’s interest in animals & especially otters has honed into learning about the Cetacean family (dolphins, porpoises and whales). This past year has been instrumental in bringing together her love of animals & nature and her very strong sense of protection for both. She is very proud to be an Heir & use her voice & passion to help preserve the oceans.