Gary Miller- Rock Against Trafficking

President & Founder of Rock Againt Trafficking Gary Miller is an internationally renowned English music producer, composer, arranger and songwriter.
Gary has performed with Nik Kershaw on Sir Elton John’s tour; has toured with Clime Fisher and George Michael, the latter as musical director on the epitomous 1988 Faith tour; as well as had studio and television time with Sting.
Gary’s further credits include composing and producing music scores for film and television. In 2011 Gary became the first English composer to write and produce a music score for a Russian feature film. In 2012 Gary wrote and produced 8 episodes for ”Sherlock Holmes,” a television special for Channel Russia.
Gary is richly experienced and able to channel his knowledge and talent into initiatives such as Rock Against Trafficking, using the power of music to end human trafficking.
Gary Miller’s Credits Include: David Bowie, Simply Red, Slash & Fergie, Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Ritchie