Natascha  Saunders

Natascha Saunders

Natascha F. Saunders is CEO/Founder of The Youth Career Coach Inc. and has a mission to prepare the next generation of young professionals for success through career and leadership development training. Natascha currently serves as: MBA Faculty at Trinity Washington University, Leadership Faculty at Northeastern University, Consultant at The MBA Exchange, Scholar Interviewer at The Journal of Negro Education, and Senior Fellow at the American Leadership and Policy Foundation. Certified in Career Coaching by PARW/CC, Natascha earned a bachelor's degree from UMASS Amherst, an MBA from Johnson and Wales University, a Master's in Leadership and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Leadership and Communication at Northeastern University. Her career writing appears in: The Parents Guide to Starting the Career Conversation with, Why Internships Are Good: The Best Education Money Can’t Buy and a Chapter 5 Author of the book Obama and Black Loyalty, Vol. 1.