Alexander  Rinke

Alexander Rinke

Alexander Rinke is an enterprise software entrepreneur. He co-founded Celonis in 2011 and serves as Co-CEO and Chief Product Owner. Celonis is the market leader in process mining software, a new discipline in Big Data Analytics. As an actively involved early stage technology investor, Alexander helped to found other enterprise software companies, such as Testbirds and Talentry. Before Celonis, Alexander worked in financial services and studied Mathematics at Technical University of Munich and École Polytechnique in Paris. He met his Celonis co-founders while at University, where they came across the idea of Process Mining and worked on the foundations of Celonis. Alexander has always been an entrepreneur at heart and founded his first company, a tuition agency, at the age of 16. For his entrepreneurial achievements, Alexander has recently been listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of super achievers under the age of 30.