Kristine  Madera

Kristine Madera

Kristine Madera is a speaker, #1 bestselling author & coach who teaches people to live authentically so that they can stay centered in their inner wisdom, even during the most challenging personal and professional situations. Authenticity decreases stress, enhances well-being and vastly improves satisfaction and success in all areas of life. The one critical thing that her 30-plus years of personal development work and 12-plus years in the mind-body integration field has taught her is that you can know something in your mind, but if you don’t know it in your body, you really don’t know it. Your body holds your truth. Exploring that truth and how to embody and express authentic truth is at the heart of all her work. She is the author of a bestselling book on meditation and recently released her first novel, called God in Drag, which also speaks to living authentically. You can find her at