Amory  Jane, M.A

Amory Jane, M.A

Amory Jane, M.A. is a national sex educator, comedic storyteller, and host of the podcast Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane. She is also the Education Coordinator at She Bop in Portland, Oregon. Amory Jane has spoken on various panels about sex and sexuality, created award-winning smut for HUMP! Film Festival, and has presented workshops around the country about ethical non-monogamy, oral sex, anal play, BDSM, sex toys, and more. When she's not teaching or podcasting, you can find Amory Jane writing for She Bop's blog and looking at cute dogs on Instagram. She is also currently gearing up for her December 4th event - Whoopee! A Sex-positive Variety Show, which will premiere at Crush Bar in Portland. Tickets for Whoopee! can be found online at