Richard  Robertson

Richard Robertson

Formerly an Arizona print and broadcast journalist for 28 years, Rich Robertson, a licensed private investigator, is the founder & owner of R3 Investigations. Rich’s journalism experience includes being a member of the investigative team & subsequently city editor during his 20 years’ stint with The Arizona Republic. There, he was the editor of three projects that were finalists for Pulitzer prizes. Also, he is an Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter for Arizona’s KPHO-TV and KPNX-TV. Rich is past-president of the AZ Association of Licensed Private Investigators. He is the editor of The Legal Investigator, a publication of the National Association of Legal Investigators; active in the Justice Project; an associate member of AZ Attorneys for Criminal Justice; a past president and member of the board of directors of the First Amendment Coalition of AZ; and for over 10 years was AZ public records chairman for the Society of Professional Journalists.