Carolyn CJ  Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones’ ability to listen deeply and respond with compassion and empathy is vast. These traits she learned from her own personal struggle in which she transformed from the angry, bitter, blaming victim she had been for 30 years, to one able to experience peace and freedom. Now, using forgiveness, she leads others to that place. As a forgiveness expert and guide, multi-award-winning author, speaker, coach, and creator of the Change Your Story, Change Your Life programs, CJ leads you to empowerment by determining whether you have a story creating stress or unhappiness in your life. Once you identify it, you and she work through her proven YIPPEE Method which allows you to see your story from a different perspective. You gain a foundational mindset that assists you in all your relationships, including the one with yourself, as you learn to incorporate practices such as gratitude and compassion, which lead to forgiveness.