Paola  Saibene

Paola Saibene

Paola Saibene has 21 years of experience in Information Technology Transformation and Business Innovation, having held multiple CIO/ CTO/ CSO/ COO positions in government and in the private sector, including multi-billion dollar enterprises. Recently, Paola has worked as the Chief Technology Officer for the State of Hawaii, encompassing 18 executive branches, 106 attached agencies and 136 boards and commissions. She is also the President and CEO of Y-SAI (a Texas-based company), and the co-founder of Neutrino Peach Labs, an ecosystem-based consulting company. Paola’s additional post-graduate degrees in Psychology and in Literature and Linguistics, along with a Bachelors in Philosophy, are leveraged to communicate powerfully with the entire organization, understanding and addressing the needs of each unit, and rendering supportive engagement from all corners of the enterprise.