Dawn  Lyons

Dawn Lyons

As a relationship marketing expert, Dawn Lyons is a Co-founder of Asentiv, an international consulting and training company in 22 different countries. She is also a keynote speaker and Amazon.com best-selling author on the subject of behavioral styles and how they affect your referability. Dawn has been hired to speak to audiences of over 500+ people around the world.
When she is not working, she travels, gardens, entertains, and enjoys the bounty of wines in Sonoma County. She also sponsors 3 White Bengal Tigers at the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. These Big Cats (lions, tigers and leopards) have been neglected, abused or abandoned and now have a place to live out the rest of their lives.
Her 3 biggest desires are to 1) Have 500 consulting facilities around the world, 2) Start a Big Cat Rescue in Northern California, and 3) help her community, clients, and partners generate amazing business and watch them aspire to their spectacular life!