Mike  Ribaudo, MD

Mike Ribaudo, MD

Dr. Ribaudo has over 35 years’ experience as a board certified general and plastic surgeon with extensive exposure to breast cancer. He founded one of the first ambulatory surgical centers in 1983 and has developed and operated multiple facilities nationwide. He served as the CEO of Surgical Synergies. Dr Ribaudo has served on multiple boards of directors of healthcare companies. He has served as Executive Vice President of Surgical Health Corporation and HealthSouth Surgery Centers.
Dr Ribaudo graduated from Louisiana State Medical School with postgraduate training at Emory, Washington University, and New York University. Dr. Ribaudo received an Executive MBA from Stanford. He received postgraduate management training at Harvard Law School, Kellogg and Wharton Schools of Business. He served on the Board of Directors of Flow International a publicly traded serving as the Chairman of its Compensation and Search committees.