Mindy  Miralia

Mindy Miralia

Mindy Miralia, often referred to as an “edge runner,” is passionate about helping people find meaning in life, relieving unnecessary pain and suffering, and holding the space to help individuals make shifts in their lives that bring inner peace and personal transformation.
Mindy holds certification from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine in Navigating the Soul’s Journey, is a certified Spiritual Counselor, and is certified in numerous healing systems, including Medical Reiki™, ThetaHealing, and Reconnective Healing.
Because of her lifelong extra sensory and mediumistic abilities, soon after her son’s passing in 2011 they began a fascinating and transformational journey of healing together. The details of this healing process appear in her new book, The Hero in Heroin (March 2015), and her experiences helped her to develop the consciousness for the transformational soul healing work she facilitates today.