Kevin  Whereler

Kevin Whereler

Kevin Wheeler is a well-known futurist, speaker, author, teacher and consultant in talent acquisition and development. He travels, speaks and works globally in more than 14 countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. Kevin is the Founder and Chairman of the Future of Talent Institute, having founded it out of his belief that organizations need better insight into the various trends that impact talent and their ability to attract and retain the talent they need to remain competitive. He is also Founder and President of Global Learning Resources, Inc. and a Director of the Australasian Talent Conference. After a 25-year career in corporate America, Kevin has firsthand knowledge of the need for better strategies and approaches to finding, developing and retaining people. He is the author of numerous articles on human resource development, career development, recruiting, and on establishing corporate universities. He has served as adjunct faculty at various California universities.