Paul  Burke

Paul Burke

Guru CEO and co-founder, Paul Burke, has years of experience in investing, trading and entrepreneurship, but nothing could have prepared him for the experience of museum hopping with teenagers, or the idea that sprung from it.
Treating his 19-year-old niece and 17-year-old nephew to spring break in Rome, Burke noticed that both teenagers refused the museum audio tours, expressing that they were boring and even a little gross since strangers used them as well. He could understand their reasoning well enough, but when he continuously found them checking their phones throughout museums, he began to get annoyed. Confronting them on this issue, he soon discovered they were not texting or checking social media, but instead Googling information about the items they were looking at. That exact moment is when Burke’s flame for Guru was ignited. This, combined with Guru co-founder Hilary Srole’s ‘aha!’ moment while touring a new city with friends, really got the fire burning.