Dr. John  DeHaan

Dr. John DeHaan

Dr. John DeHaan has over 45 years experience in fire and explosion related forensic science. After earning his B.S. in Physics, he spent 29 years with County, State, and Federal forensic labs. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Pure & Applied Chemistry – Forensic Science in 1995. He has authored six editions of Kirk’s Fire Investigation since 1982 and was co-author with Dr. David Icove in Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction since 2004. Since 1999, he has been president of Fire-Ex Forensics, Inc., a private consulting firm that provides services to police and fire agencies, public defenders, private attorneys, and insurers in fire and explosion cases. His research into forensic fire scene reconstruction is based on first-hand fire experiments in fire behavior involving over 600 observed full-scale structure and 100 vehicle fires under controlled conditions. He has testified as an expert witness in criminal and civil trials involving fires and explosions across the U.S. and overseas.