Regina Partain  Bergman

Regina Partain Bergman

Regina Partain Bergman, Strategic Marketing Specialist, is CEO of Bridgeport Strategy, a Strategic Marketing firm specializing in helping companies grow to at least $1million in revenue. Regina is the International
Best Selling Author of Bulletproof Your Marriage, and co-author of “The Better Business Book”. Her next book, “The 10 Secrets to Creating Profit NOW in Your Business- Generate Cash Flow Quickly” will be out within the next 45 days. Called a “Business Phoenix” by her husband, Regina says that ‘giving up’ is not in her nature, whether it be in business or relationships. She has built multiple businesses from the ground up and has seen the death of a $4 million, 12-year business due to the financial crash of 2008. Following that she once again rose from the ashes to create Bridgeport Network, a unique, diversified group of 5 businesses.