Jayme  Claire

Jayme Claire

From crooning jazzy tones, and writing original pop full of soul, to twanging country music on the run, people have agreed with raised brows that Jayme Claire can truly sing! “I have no doubt (that Jayme Claire) is poised to be the next Celine Dion with her immeasurable, powerful, and soulful voice.” – Sue Wong, CEO of Sue Wong Studio S At the age of seven, this charismatic twenty-something singer/songwriter knew that music sparked her world. Jayme grew up in Washington state active in the music community. She was the first freshman to be accepted into her high school’s Select Choir program. For four years, this award-winning choir competed against other groups, which took them to places such as New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Cal State Fullerton. Her passion for the American classics has made her a unique singer in that she fuses a classic style into many of her songs. She has often been referred to as an old soul by many who hear her.