Mark  Stefanishyn

Mark Stefanishyn

Mark Stefanishyn the founder of Relationship Minimalism - a simple system designed to help men create the most loving (and sexy!) long term relationships ever. By focusing on the most effective, practical, and consistent ways a man can immediately create love, connection, and sexual passion, Mark has created a unique masterclass focusing on the single most important factor in a relationship - how the woman feels.
There's no tantra or spiritual talk, and no communication skills required - just minimalistic tactics and ideas (based on science) to quickly update the skills men need to thrive during the time of the ambitious and independent Superwomen. Mark's writing has been featured on MindBodyGreen, The Good Men Project, and he is the host of the Millennial Man Relationship Podcast. He is a practicing massage therapist, kettlebell enthusiast, and KPC Self Defense Practitioner.