Damien  Lay

Damien Lay

Damien Lay is a multi-award winning filmmaker working as writer, director and producer in Feature Film, Documentary and Animation. Lay is known for taking on extreme, innovative film projects often deemed impossible by others, in search of compelling stories. His Vietnam War story, The Battle of Long Tan, featuring Sam Worthington, remains the highest rated program on paid television in Australia. He's Coming South and M24 - The Last Sunrise resulted in the discovery of the lost WWII Japanese Midget Submarine, solving one of Australia's greatest Maritime mysteries. Damien Lay is the only foreigner globally permitted to operate in highly restricted areas of Myanmar (Burma), documenting and leading search and recovery operations for Lady Southern Cross, the world’s greatest aviation mystery, and Bell of King Dhammazedi, a religion, missing for over 400 years. Damien Lay's latest films are feature WWI Action Adventure film, Game of Aces, and biography of an erotic graphic novelist, Semi Colin.