Dan  Harlen

Dan Harlen

Dan Harlen began playing bass guitar the age of 15, a few months later he began meditating. Almost 27 years later Dan is still dedicated to exploring music and meditation and has cultivated much he can share with others. Dan Harlen has played live and recorded with over 14 bands. His first solo album recorded under the name Esoteric Sound Formula titled “Adventures in Imagination,” is mostly orchestral with a few pieces featuring the bass. The album was released in 2014 and received national airplay on Australia’s ABC classic FM. Dan Harlen writes and plays music as his form of revering and communing with nature and all of the beautiful things in life. In addition to recording with a few jazz and funk fusion bands, and teaching students in Australia, Dan Harlen is currently recording his second solo album which will feature the 6 string bass over beautiful instrumentation written to inspire the sensitive and peaceful aspects of expression.