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8/23/2016 why-does-the-fed-persist-with-failed-policies

Why Does the Fed Persist With Failed Policies?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Mish Shedlock, Chen Lin and Michael Oliver are this week’s guests. Fed intervention failed in the 1930s. Bernanke blamed it on imperfect execution. All that was needed, he said, was more of it faster. Listen Now

2/8/2011 are-we-starting-a-new-bull-market-in-stocks

Are We Starting a New Bull Market in Stocks?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Peter Grandich and Mike Shedlock will tell us whether we are at the start of a new glorious bull market in stocks or whether the post Lehman Brothers credit collapse was just a prelude to some more deflationary times ahead. Listen Now