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1/26/2018 u-day-ethiopia-convergence-of-fires-in-the-land-of-origins

U Day Ethiopia-Convergence of Fires in the Land of Origins

The Convergence
Commemorating the growing global significance of United Nations Interfaith Harmony Week, Unity Earth-sponsored U DAY Festival: Ethiopia, Convergence of Fires in the Land of Origins, brings together global spiritual and religious leaders, international change-makers and world-class musical artists. Listen Now

1/12/2017 deepak-chopra-on-consciousness-and-the-new-holistic-science

Deepak Chopra on Consciousness and the New Holistic Science

The Convergence
In Deepak Chopra’s new book “You Are the Universe” (February 2017), Deepak concludes that while the old science of an external physical universe has been mortally wounded by the "new" science of quantum physics, quantum physics itself raises more questions than it may be answering. Listen Now