Natasha  Nolan

Natasha Nolan

Mama Hen is a small business specializing in handmade clothing and accessories for babies and children with a few items offered in adult sizes as well! As a business owner, Natasha Nolan is focused on producing a well made, unique, functional and fabulous product with accountability and superior customer service. Every item is hand crafted with attention to detail in a cozy and clean studio in Maine. Natasha has been crafting and art-making for as long as she can remember, but it was becoming a mom that turned her focus to children's apparel and accessories. Dismayed by how gendered and stiff so much of the clothing available for babies and children is, Mama Hen set out to build a wardrobe of soft, welcoming and well fitting garments for her child. Natasha strives to reduce Mama Hen's environmental impact by re-purposing fabric scraps, using organic fabrics whenever possible and making products that will last a lifetime!