Ms.Robbie  Motter

Ms.Robbie Motter

Robbie Motter is a Marketing/PR Consultant, Certified National Speaker, author and a VIP Member of the 20% Cash Back Club as well as an Author. She is also a monthly staff writer for the Menifee & Murrieta Buzz,, and the Inland Empire Business Review. She also writes articles as well as the Nafe pages for the E Magazine for Executive Female, a beautiful 186 color global magazine where she also features a Nafe member each month and also a testimonial each month from one of our Global Nafe members. Robbie has been featured in numerous chapters of books across the country and has written forwards in many published books. She is currently working on her book "It's All About SHOWING UP and the POWER is in the ASKING. Robbie is also the Director of three Nafe Affiliate Networks in Southern CA, they are in Menifee, Murrieta and Temecula, CA. Robbie also serves on many boards of directors across the country.