Tiny Home  Alliance Canada

Tiny Home Alliance Canada

This Canadian not-for-profit organization for research and education was founded in 2014 by a couple by the name of Robert & Leanne Leonardo, now located in Saskatchewan. The purpose then was to provide an online and personal resource for Canadians who are curious about alternative housing, such as tiny homes, micro homes, earth-ships, yurts, etc. There was nothing like it prior. The hope and vision was for others to gather together and form a Canadian alliance so that effective change could be achieved where it was needed.
In it's first two years Tiny Home Alliance has been useful to tens of thousands of Canadians. We have been thankful and greatly humbled to help many mainstream media journalists and network with hundreds of like minded Canadians-- even those past our borders. Our fellow Canadians seek an alternative, affordable and reasonable lifestyle that is less focused on consumption and excess.