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1/11/2017 game-changers-2017-predictions-part-4

Game-Changers 2017 Predictions - Part 4

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The buzz: Crystal ball for 2017. If #1 on your business wish list is to know what 2017 holds for your company, your industry and the world, we’ve got the next best thing. Listen Now

8/4/2016 smart-innovation-diversity-by-design

Smart Innovation: Diversity by Design

Innovating Innovation with Game Changers, Presented by SAP
The buzz: Paradox? Despite studies showing a positive correlation between diversity and innovation, the Silicon Valley 'cradle of tech innovation' is dominated by a 'brogrammer'. Listen Now

11/20/2014 game-on-with-gamification

Game-On with Gamification!

Future of Business with Game Changers, Presented by SAP
The buzz: Gamification.Gamification is a trendy buzzword in businesses today because of its significant benefits. Listen Now