Robert J.  Caveney

Robert J. Caveney

Robert J. Caveney is author of SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive and the forthcoming Methods for Working Together, as well as the founder of and the inventor of a new method of management, the I‑o method. Though an education “outsider” (Robert was never a teacher), Robert never-the-less finds ready ears among teachers and principals. Robert’s first book was endorsed by teachers, silicon valley executives, teacher union leaders, former superintendents, and perhaps most proudly, Mary Walton, author of The Deming Management Method. Before turning his attention to the education system, Robert founded several silicon valley companies, including Telesynergy, Market Answers and precision path. Following a long line of innovators. Robert attended San Jose State University, but left when he felt he was educated enough. Robert is the proud father of two grown children and lives in Alameda, California.