Dr. Kimball  Banks

Dr. Kimball Banks

Dr. Banks received his Ph.D. in Archaeology from Southern Methodist University. He is now the Director of Strategic Development at Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc, which he joined in 2009. Dr. Banks' position at Metcalf includes enhancing existing relationships with clients, agency principals and peer firms, and identifying and managing Federal, state, and tribal contracting opportunities. Prior to Metcalf, Dr. Banks worked in federal service for 26 years, first with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and then with the Bureau of Reclamation where he also held the position of Native American Affairs Specialist. He has worked with tribal governments of more than 30 tribes across the US. Dr. Banks also worked for the Navajo Tribe and the Colorado River Tribes. Throughout his career, he has conducted all phases of archaeological investigations and has worked in the Southeast, the Southwest, Texas, California, and the Northern Great Plains along with seven field seasons in Egypt.