Linnea  Garrett

Linnea Garrett

Linnea Garrett joined ChiTech in 2014 as the school underwent a school transformation and is currently the only high school in the city of Chicago implementing whole school project-based learning. She was recently accepted into the Deeper Learning Equity Fellowship program, supporting school leaders to strive toward high quality deeper learning opportunities for every child, particularly from underserved areas. She also was selected to be a member of The Chicago Public Education Fund Educator Advisory Committee. Previously, Linnea served as the resident Principal in the Chicago Leadership Collaborative as a New Leaders for New Schools cohort member. Prior to her school leadership work, Linnea spent two years in instructional support roles for principals and teachers. She was an Instructional Support Specialist for the West Side High School Network and a Teaching and Learning Specialist with the Office of School Improvement. She holds a BA in Biology from Wittenberg University.