Christine  Carter

Christine Carter

Christine Carter, also known as "weightlosshero", topped the scales at near 300 pounds. Severely depressed and sick, Christine knew she had to make a change. When she started, she was confident of two things: she would transform her life and she would help others do the same.
Through thick and thin, and despite many setbacks, Christine learned to love her struggles. She pressed forward through physical limits, a divorce, and transformed her thinking. This mental shift allowed Christine to lose 150 pounds and keep it off.
Today, Christine has harnessed the things that she learned, and teamed up with those who stood beside her on her journey to create opportunities for others. Christine's combined social media influence reaches over 200,000 total followers. She provides them with meal ideas, workout ideas, and motivation. Christine's goal is to make this world one million pounds lighter-and she won't stop until that dream comes true.