David  Sudolsky

David Sudolsky

David Sudolsky, who co-founded Anellotech with George Huber, secured the initial angel funding for the company, recruited the management team and scientific advisory board, and is leading the expansion of the company. Prior to joining Anellotech, he was a business officer or CEO of five biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical and bioprocessing start-ups, one of which (Dura Pharmaceuticals) was sold for $1.8 billion. David has hands-on chemical engineering experience in process design and refinery plant startups with Union Carbide, and work at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He and his wife, Marcia, are firm believers in environmental education and led a successful five-year effort ending in 2011 to build a multi-faceted Eco Center on the roof of P.S. 6 in New York City. David attended Columbia University and earned an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University’s Business School and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.