Richard  Stanley - director

Richard Stanley - director

Filmmaker/anthropologist Richard Stanley was born in South Africa 1960's to documentarian, Penny Miller. Stanley's directorial debut, apocalyptic sci-fi horror 'HARDWARE,' (1990) is widely considered cult classic, a prescient portrayal of mechanization, population control, climate change, and a global drift to the right. Stanley's second, supernatural road movie romance 'DUST DEVIL' (1992) led to 'THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU' (1995) starring Marlon Brando&Val Kilmer. Moreau ended in a public debacle, and famously led Stanley to oust his own dream project, retreat from commercial film making, and focus on documentary work: Haitian ('THE WHITE DARKNESS' 2002) Nazi occult ('THE SECRET GLORY' 2001) French witchcraft/mass hysteria ('THE OTHERWORLD' 2012). Stanley is currently preparing a feature adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's 'THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE' for Elijah Wood's Specter Vision- a project he hopes will be his first American feature.