Shane  Ricketts

Shane Ricketts

I am an osteopath with over ten years experience, and a Ren Xue and Yuan Gong Qigong teacher in Melbourne, Australia. During my high school years I was very active playing most sports, and thought this was a healthy way to be and live. In my 30’s I started to realize that maybe I wasn’t as healthy as I should be. My body was tired with many old injuries, my mind was overactive, I was stressed and getting sick often, and my sleep was not good at all.
When I started Ren Xue and Qigong it totally changed the way I looked at life, my behavior, and the way I lived. This was a total transformation of sorts for me, and exactly what was needed in my life. Today I bring this experience and knowledge to the people that come to me for help, passing on to them what may benefit and help them to find better health and happiness within themselves.